Sunday, July 19, 2015

Big Ruck Pr weight and distance

Wow, crashed through a nice barrier today; both mental and physical.
Got it in my mind to go for 15 laps today, 3 more than normal. I've been feeling really good lately, Tracy is down south with family and I had the time.

I also re arranged my ruck swapping out some books for another 10 lb bag of kitty litter. I thought it would conform better and it did. But I didn't weigh the ruck til after the workout and it turned out to be 52.4 lbs not the 50 I had been carrying!

But it was all good this morning as I got an earlier than normal start so it was cooler from the get go and it was cooler overall so I didn't have to fight the heat as well as the weight and distance.


15 laps
52.4 lbs
2 hr 25 minutes
Last lap pace = 7:50!!!
10 30 second iso squats

Personal Best.

and it wasn't that bad.I was also very happy and impressed with my last lap's time- anything under 8 minutes is great. Granted I did pour it on a bit and it was faster than most of the other laps BUT
1) I could pour it on after 2 1/2 hours of continuous work
2) it wasn't that much faster than the rest of the laps


can't ask for much more than that.
and my legs and knee and back feel fine.
I will leave the weight as it is. I'm ready for it.

Strong always feels good

Going to take a weight tomorrow in the press. time to roll out, rest up and eat up :)


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