Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Snatch Vo2 30 sets of 7, walking lunges, rev grip pushups,side delts

Well this was an experiment. After not snatch at all for the last 4+ months I decided to give snatch vo2 a try instead of swings.

It literally kept me up last night wondering I had made a very stupid error; starting back snatches with a high volume workout when I didn't know if I could even handle a few.

I did know that if it wasn't working I was prepared to switch to swings but it was a a bit risky. The bet was that all the shoulder improvement I've been getting from the overhead hangs would help and it did.
A lot.
I didn't get video and I know the right arm wasn't perfect but it wasn't that bad, either and it was definitely better than the last time I tried this
Two sessions of hangs this am too and that's getting better.

I ditched the straps though as I realized the extra tension from my grip is also part of what is chronically tonic and needs to be released via shutdown threshold isometrics ( read Relax into stretch for great detail on this)

But, in a nutshell it's what I did with my pause squats rehabbing my knee. hitting a dead stop how far the muscle will stretch in a ROM and then waiting for the stretch reflex to give out and allow some more stretch.

It worked with the knee and now it's working with the lats.
Now if I could just get a new shoulder joint it would be all peachy

Snatch Vo2
16 kg
30 sets 7
210 reps
7560 reps

haven't quite decided how to cycle this; whether to go straight snatch vo2 for 4-6 weeks then switch back to swing vo2 or to alternate weekly. Have to think on it more
After four months of swing vo2 though I think I need some snatches :)

BUT this was way easier than expected! I think the equivalent time of swings is harder! It's certainly heavier but the swing ROM is less. BUT the extra ROM one gets during the snatch you really aren't doing anything.
That's the float. One the way up AND down
And there's a nice release of tension that you never get in the swing.
So while the swing's ROM is less it's ALL work.
But that extra float is what takes off tension on the heart muscle too and that creates a much better cardiovascular effect than the swing so they're both good.

Walking lunges
4 laps of 40 reps

strong but not unbroken
 Oh yea it's about 100 degrees today :)

reverse grip pushups on horiz bar
4 sets of 12

these are great! easier on the shoulder and more on the triceps a perfect "same but different"

side laterals
3 x 10 with 15 lb

surprisingly stronger finally. supraspinatus seems to be working better

ok ruck up tomorrow in some serious heat!


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