Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Snatch Vo2 26 sets 7 4 sets 8, walking lunges, kb rows, Horiz pushups

Well it never got to 103 degrees but it was close at mid 90s . Either way the snatch vo2 work today was not that bad at all. overhead was solid and conditioning was very strong. Very happy with it all PLus I did some sets of 8's which I haven't done in  years so what was excellent

Snatch Vo2
16 kg
26 x 7
4 x 8
214 snatches
7704 lbs

no wonder it was easy didn't do that many  lol But power was good. started double breathing at 10 sets and that definitely makes it better and easier. back is fine. so nice to be able to use that technique now, after only 13 years :)
And being able to do eights again, well, that is AWESOME! It's coming back ! I can see 40 sets of 8  in the not too distant future

walking lunges
four laps of 40 sets

not bad but not unbroken either. knees and legs fine

KB rows
28 kg x 6/6 x 3 sets

wanted to make sure I got these in

Horiz bar push up
5 sets of 10
 done very slowly with paused lockout. Just needed a different flow

 no problem! strong day. speed ruck tomorrow


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