Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Snatch Vo2 35 sets of 7, walking lunges, 90 floor pushups,rear delts

Very very very happy with this today. Not only the conditioning but the overhead position. Oh, and also that my elbow is almost back to normal. 90% or so. I am very grateful. Plus neither shoulder got wonky in response to my elbow feeling better which means I am actually squaring up for real. This could be very good indeed. After all these years, who'd a thunk it?

The hangs from bar are going very well too and this is a big part of it. Waiting out the stretch reflex under isometric tension is starting to work for my shoulders just as it did for my knee. I might be on to something.

Snatch Vo2
16 kg
35 sets of 7
245 reps
8820 lbs

best my right arm over head has been in a year or more!!Plus the work felt light.

Walking lunges
4 laps of 40 steps unbroken

stronger than last week

Floor pushups
6 sets of 15 reps
 90 total reps PR!

this was very strong, choose to stay on the floor and keep the wrist flexors stretching, Elbow was fine.

4 sets of 20 seconds. best so far

Band rear delts
4 sets of 5 reps

need these.

One possible way to integrate all of this is two alternating cycles
Snatch Vo2

Heavy one arm swings

Swing Vo2

24 kg Snatch for volume

Four- five weeks cycles of each. It just might work

ok fast and light ruck tomorrow and get to test drive the Salomons.


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