Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Ruck ; more hardening

Wow, take a week off and things get hard real fast, lol. Well it wasn't that hard but it was a strange one. Definitely felt the effects of yesterdays heavy swing  and squat session and I was stiff and achy out the box this morning.It's almost been a months since I swung the 40kg and I felt it.

But it started off strong. Neck and traps were more tired than my back or legs so I started out well. Knee was behaving as well so all was good. First lap was 8:45 or as usual but it dropped down pretty quickly each lap and by lap five I was around 8:20.

Weather was cool ( San Fran had a serious 6.1 earthquake at 3:30 am this morning and that always makes for weird skies and weather I slept through it and had no damage ) and that helped. The next three laps were  about the same but my right foot, fourth metatarsal started saying hello so I did something I haven't had to do since I started walking these laps, take my pack off and work on my foot a bit.

I had already  geared down for 10 laps instead of 12 as  laps 7 and 8 were getting weaker although not much slower and my foot started. Mobilized the ankle and metatarsals, put my boot and pack back on ( it's harder to put it on than carry it :) ) and felt things out.

It felt fine and I actually got some kind of second wind and laps 9 ,10,11 and 12 were awesome. Almost out of the body experience I used to get when running long distances! the body is on autopilot, the pace is easy and I get a sense of 'watching' my body walk rather than "walking" it,if that makes sense.

Never had that experience hiking or walking before and I'm glad I can still get it. It was one of the things that made my ultra training so enjoyable. You literally feel like you can go forever.
SO I ended up doing 12 laps in 2 hours and it finished strong.Oh yea, 12 sets of supported squats. 45 second each. These are tough with the pack :)

This type of heavy , long slow distance work really toughens the body up in a way that is really functional. Nothing really 'hurts' there is no real reason to stop- it's just hard. Not dangerous or injurious, just hard and to keep going is just about will and putting the next step ahead of you one at a time.
So happy I can do this type of training again. I truly missed it.

Pushups tomorrow and lots of roll, stretch and hanging to  do today.


Diana said...

I know that "out of body" experience that you speak of!! Love it!

How many laps are you going for Mark? Or is there no definite "end", per say, to how many you do.
How much is your pack weight up to these days?

Mark Reifkind said...

Yes being out of body watching it work is uber cool. I had that experience during gymnastics as well and let me tell you THAT was trippy :)

My goal is just a solid two hour ruck, so I'm at the time goal. Pack weight is 37 lbs, goal is 40.

when the two hours starts to be consistently "strong" then I will add the other three pounds in and re build both speed and distance.

Mark Reifkind said...
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Diana said...