Sunday, August 31, 2014

PR Ruck walk time to up the weight.

I was wondering if training legs the day before I walked would affect the walk and it did: I went faster,lol!
Didn't expect that.
Started off slow, as usual: the first four laps in 8:45. Legs felt heavy and just , well, heavy.
Lap five was down to 8:30 then six and seven in 8:20, eight in 8:15,nine and ten about the same and lap eleven was a shade over 8:00 and lap twelve was a PR 7:50 and strong!

This was the first time ever that I felt I could, and should, PUSH the speed of some of the laps. My groove was solid and the pace felt strong. Very happy with this.
Next week pack weight goes up to goal weight : 40 lbs

Also of course did my squats every lap for 30 seconds or so alternating stances from very close to very wide, with all the variations in between. This also felt solid and strong.

Tomorrow, back to the press

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