Monday, August 18, 2014

100 Pushups, 36 kg belt squats,tri's, hip sled

It wasn't too long ago at all that I couldn't do ONE measly pushup. Today, for the second week in a row I did one hundred and it was easier than last week! That's a miracle to me. The Portal one arm hanging has been really, really, really helping my shoulder and is slowly but surely un spasming my lat and teres major and re mobilizing my scapulae.

I also learned from last weeks pushup video that I was not leaning over my wrist enough and thereby flexing the elbow too much during the pushup. The most basic rule of any press is that the forearm be as close to vertical as possible so today I made the adjustment and it definitely helped.

I also made sure to keep my head up and eyes forward and that helped lock me in better as well.From a load standpoint these feel like nothing and like I can go all day, if my joints would let me but I don't even get out of breath at all. Nice.
7 am

Full hour total  body roll, stretch and hang. Need this :)

Floor pushups
10 x 10
100 reps

Belt squat
36kg x 20
         x 20
         x 20
         x 25

these were excellent. done again in the power cage for the support. used less today than ever. perhaps my ability to keep vertical is improving too.
Legs are TIRED though, from all last week as well as teaching and demo'ng for my SFG KB course yesterday in Danville

Sixteen students and teaching by myself for over 8 hours! Long day but made it through.
This IS what I train for- the ability to do this kind of stuff without breaking stride and get right back in the mix the next day. I'm stiff and a bit tired ( adrenaline down ) but no worse for wear and my training today was strong.
Things are going in the right direction.

DB Kickbacks
4 sets of 12 with 20 lbs
 Band rear delts
4 sets of 12 blue

Hip sled
95 x 250ft x 4

DONE DONE DONE! Need food and a nap :) SO glad to have gotten this commitment done. Now I have a month to train as hard as I can before off to Croatia.


today required a bit extra :)


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