Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Ruck 12 laps 2 hours five min.

No Pr's today, just solid hard work. Slept well, hydrated and stretched out but started slow again. Made an adjustment on the pack which helped a bit. It's been too low on my hips I think, so I cinched it up a few inches and that helped.
First five laps were 8:45's or so. Slowest start yet but the legs felt just heavy and yesterday was a low carb day so not much gas in the tank.No worries but I lowered expectations a bit. Overcast and cool which helped tons
Laps six- ten started dropping times and by lap ten I went 8:15. Eleven was 8:10 and twelve was 8:05. I'll take it.

Total time 2 hrs five minutes
Bodyweight 160 lbs even.

Pushups tomorrow. going for 100 total


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