Monday, August 25, 2014

110 pushups, 40 kg belt squats, triceps, 105 lb hip sled

I love being in shape. Lord knows it took me long enough to get back here( and thank G-d for my surgeon!) but to be able to work hard, harder than you did before, and come back and do it again, and again and not feel that bad is bliss for me. To  "walk around strong".To not perceive it as 'that hard' is wonderful.It's what keeps me coming back to the training fountain of life day after day , year after year.

And the stronger you get, both mentally and physically, the easier it is to get even stronger. Success breeds success and a little suffering just makes you tougher and stronger. If you let it.
The only way not to get it is to quit and that really isn't an option.
Solid one hour of roll, stretch and hang. One arm hangs are really coming along but the heavy one arm swings definitely had a tightening effect on my forearms traps and shoulders. Took a bit to break it all up

Floor Pushups
8 sets of 10
2 sets of 15!! PR

This is amazing; what the simple pushup can do. MY upper body is coming back on line fast. Pecs, delts, and triceps are popping out. Can't believe after all these years of not being able to do this I can again. Very cool.

Belt squats
40 kg x 20 x 4 sets
quads of fire!

Db kickbacks
20 lb x 10 x 4 sets

Blue band rear delts
4 x 10/10

Hip sled
3 laps with 95 lbs
1 laps with 105 PR

250 foot laps.

this was strong today considering yesterdays ruck. :)

that's all she wrote.  "Feels good,motivated, dedicated, Good for you. good for me, FIRED UP"


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