Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Swedish SFG 1 debrief and back to training.

It was a great cert. Got upgraded to business class from Chicago to London, which made sleeping very easy) and that seemed to be the case for the whole weekend. Got right on Swedish time schedule in part due to Stina Albaihn's hospitality in putting us up in her house and cooking for us as well the first day.We seemed to roll right onto normal day pattern. And since was light out until past 11 pm we had time to adjust.

The cert was small ( 10 people) but there were solidly prepared and ready to work .Had a great time working with, teaching and learning from Tommy Blom,SR SFG and got some great new tips for the snatch progression and new respect and understanding of the high pull into snatch technique.Great cures and details for the arm bar as well as another way to cue the torque in foot placement which makes it much easier to teach.

We had alternating beautiful perfect sunny weather and crazy ass thunder and lightening storms! But it cleared up for our two hour and four hour walking tour of Gotenburg on Thursday and Monday and it's which is now on my list of favorite European cities. Just beautiful and seeming large and small at the same time. Plus, eminently walking and that we did. The knee held up perfectly the whole time, not a moments lick of trouble. Nor the back which made things so much easier.

Had no trouble sleeping and I seemed to get plenty of it despite the strange schedule. Staying at Stina's for dinner a few nights made it much easier to recover too, than going out every night.

Here are some random pictures from the course.

this last picture is of me helping superman Daniel Natterdal get his press with the 48 kg after he missed it on his first attempt. I used the"Mind Spot' and he crushed it after a pretty bad miss on the first attempt.
All the mind spot is is telling the student I will help him if he needs it but in reality all I do is "touch" his arm and or the bell without helping at all. This alleviates all anxiety about what to do if he misses ( as he now knows he won't miss as I will help him if needed) so all his energy goes into making the weight and none into any fear about missing. It's amazing how well this works.
here's another shot of him doing the getup
and this is after he received his "death sentence" from his doctors following a bad back injury, which he healed using kbs for training, just another example of the kb strengthening the body from the inside out.
                                                                                                                                             Both Daniel and his equally strong and conditioned brother Henrik seemed as fresh on Sunday as they did on Friday, as if they hadn't spent 3 days throwing kbs around for 12 hours at a pop~
Plus he could squat like this all day long ( my goal ). Just two examples of the great cast of students we had this weekend.

I taught the swing and the press ( first presses I've done in a couple months) and they both went well. On Saturday I taught the squat and man it was fun. I'm getting deeper all the time and the squats are getting easier as well. I did some one arm kb squats in the rack position and they were much more interesting than before so they will have to go back in the mix too.
Looking at my pictures I realized I have lost too much upper body mass so it's time to do some hypertrophy training again.
I also realized that I have seemingly lost ALL my rear delt size and think this might be part of the reason for the shoulder pain. I have a big imbalance between the front and the rear heads of the delt and that's not good when most of the pain comes from the shoulder being pulled too far forward.
An interesting realization too that not doing presses or snatches or upper body work hasn't really helped the shoulder overhead ROM or decreased the pain that much.SO if it's doing to hurt anyway I might as well train them :)

today: No real training this last week; tons of walking ( literally miles and miles) and lots of demo but not much training but I'm pretty exhausted so a light easy today: warmup band rear delts and overhead band pulldowns for scapula. these seemed right and helped warm up the shoulders well

One arm swings 3 x 10/10 with 16 kg
one arm high pulls 3 x 7/7 x 3
one arm high pull into snatch ( 16 kg) 3 sets of 6/6
snatch ( max vo2 style- one arm at a time- untimed) 16 kg 10 sets of 7

using this new high/high pull into snatch felt great! even the lockout felt solid. did them in them mirror to play with lockout. MY overhead position was never as good as when I was doing max vo2 weekly and heavier snatch holds as well. Time to try these again.
close grip pushups on p bars supersetted with band pushdowns
goblet squats 16 kg x 5, 20 kg x 4 24 kg x 3 x 3
not in the mood for sled drags so I called it a day. Just something light to get back in the mix.

datsit. neverquit


Diana said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip/cert!

I would love to see a video of the high this day, those still bother my collar bone which I broke as a child. Not sure if it's technique or what.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Diana I will do one one snatch day, Monday.