Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Ruck

 Left knee was a bit wonky this morning, for no reason, very similar to what happened in Italy and I think it's dehydration that is the problem. Same as then. It was very very hot here yesterday and I didn't hydrate enough it seems. LOTS of wide heavy double and two hand swings and I think the popliteus  got too tight and there was a strange pain in the lower lateral part of my knee. NO swelling or heat or other signs of inflammation.
Stretching the quad and calf relieved it but it wasn't ( still isn't) perfect.And it's just on extension that hurts. Flexion feels good.

Still went for the walk and had zero pain or discomfort during the ruck or I would have abandoned it. No sense risking anything but it felt normal during the ruck

Ruck weight 37 lbs
Eleven laps 30 second squat holds each lap
total training time 1 hour 50 minutes.
Lap time average around 8:30- 8:20 at the end

Very hot this morning too and I was sweating more in the first half hour than I do the entire time. Weird.But I did super hydrate before I went out too, hoping that would help.

Listened to military cadence running marching songs for a lot of the walk and it really helped the time go by, as well as set my pace. Very cool. Running and singing will definitely increase the wind :)

Floor presses tomorrow, will be fun


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