Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Leg day. double 20 kg clean and squat, pushups, walking lunges, , shoulder sled.

Great day and it definitely feels like "leg" day, lol. I went back to double front squats, but added in a clean before each one and it worked out well. I was thinking about using 24's for the work weight and am sorely glad I didn't!

This was tough enough as it was. Excellent combination of conditioning and strength work. It's not snatches but it will do for now. Nice upper and lower body combination.

Goblet squat warmup
16 kg x 5 x 2
20 kg x 3 x 2

Double kb clean and squat
2 16s x 5 x 2
2 20s x 5 x 10 sets!

pretty easy til the fifth set( video) and then it just wore on me, lol. Got through it but it was work! Placing elbows on knees seemed to be the depth marker. So amazing I can do this now

Pushups on pbars
horizontal bars with narrow grip
4 sets of 10 alternate with red band one arm rear delts 4 sets of 12

the rear delt work is crucial and the pushups felt awesome. Can really see/ feel the difference in pecs, tri's and delts from this. three times a week if I can, different grip/width each time.Specialized variety :)

Walking lunges
Three laps of 13 steps each leg x 2

this really let me know it was leg day. wow. knee's touching ground on each rep feels great to work them this hard but three was plenty

Shoulder sled
 95 lbs x 250 ft x 4 laps

first 125 feet I am almost at a low crouch run. feels awesome. catches up with me on the return and it's just more of a 'lean in' fast walk but it's just so cool to be able to do :)

Trainer x 4 reps, 3 reps, 2 reps for click holds

nice to be able to do these again to. Decided to use just one gripper per workout and get what I can. This was solid closes and great tension levels. The one arm swings have really brought my grip back to life.


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