Wednesday, July 30, 2014

24 kg clean and squat,pushups,walking lunges,shoulder sled

Up the last two nights with pretty yucky back tightness. Not sure exactly what set it off but the abs, obliques and lumbars locked down pretty hard and sleep was poor at best and not much of it to boot.VERY hot here and when I sweat and get a bit dehydrated that's when these things tend to happen,

Worked hard on the ring extensions on Monday to REALLY keep the abs tight so as not to push out the diastasis recti and it just overloaded my abs enough to pull my back out of neutral. This used to happen whenever I did ANY two hand swings with ANY weight kettlebell so I guess I should be happy in some ways, but man not sleeping sucks. Especially when even laying down is painful.
 SO I got up and walked and stretched which open things up a lot. took some ibuprofen and fluids and tried to sleep again.
Work was actually better than sleep as the constant moving and stretching is what has always helped. AND I remembered what I used to do back in 2000 when I herniated L4-L5- PULL THE BELLY BUTTON TO THE SPINE- basically a yoga vacuum- to activate the TVA and create more lumbar extensions and IT WORKED GREAT!

Haven't done this in eons, haven't had to, but now I remember just how much time I spent doing this as I did virtually every exercise and this, as much as anything,helped me to create some lumbar curve from my VERY VERY flat gymnastics lower back.

It literally gave me instant relief, but the overly tight lats and abs kept pulling things out. LOTS of lat stretches up dogs, vacuums and squats all day helped.
Got the word from my PT Curtis at Revolutions in Fitness ( RIF- very cool :) ) that my knee issue was from the tibia not gliding posteriorly enough and I knew that was from not enough hamstring stretches of late.
I've been so overly focused on knee flexion I've let the hammies get a little rest- too much it seems- but I have to give them their do. Especially the down dog posture. My two basics- up dog and down dog- not enough maintenance on them and my back and knee paid for it.

SO Much to do everyday! Even though I was still doing these moves I wasn't doing them enough relative to my training load to keep things in check. It's already corrected.

Didn't know if I could train at all today but like usual, the swing pushed the reset button and the workout was excellent.

One arm swings
16 kg x 5/5/5 x 3

One KB clean and front squat- long cycle
16 k x 5/5
20 kg x 3/3
24 kg x 3/3
          x 4/4
          x 5/5 x two ladders
these went great although I can see from the video they are not as low as they felt. That's fine, I'm happy I could do anything today.I wasn't trying to push the depth; just survive the workout.

Goblet squat
24 kg x 5 x 2

these actually were harder on the back than the clean and squat. I could feel the lats and abs activate and pull on  the lumbars so I shut it down. Still feeling ok

Pushups- vertical bar
12, 12, 10,10
Haven't done  12's in years and shoulder were perfect. The internal rotation stretches thoughout the day are really making a significant difference.

Walking Lunges
3 laps of 50 feet.

for some unknown reason these were very strong, although the fatigue from no sleep and the work was catching up. settled on just three laps, however, I did make each section to the end which is a first.

Band rear delts
4 sets of 12, 12, 13,15

Shoulder sled
95 lbs  x 250 ft  x 3 laps

now i'm tired.

feels like the back has calmed down to normal now but we'll see if I sleep. gotta sleep.


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