Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Ruck

This was just hard. Right from the start. Yesterday's training; 40kg one arm swings was WAY harder than the 28kg and 24 kg double bell swings the last two weeks. It kicked my butt, as well as my abs and obliques and erectors ....
Good work but fatiguing.
Made sure to get a good stretchout this morning before the walk but I woke up pretty stiff and tight despite good hydration and moderation the day/night before. I was just sore.
Oh well :)

12 laps
two hours
38 pound ruck

it didn't feel heavy I just moved slow. the first 8 laps or so were all 8:30 seconds + a bit. Everything was just tight plus it was wicked humid for here as well as hot. No big deal but not conditions for faster laps.

Lap 9-10 were around 8:10 and 11 was faster and finished with 8:00 even for the twelfth lap! Go figure.
Shoulder holding up great and did a decent little post walk stretchout as well.
Floor presses tomorrow. 28 kgs for 3-5 I hope.


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