Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Ruck, 37 lbs/ Pr

What a difference 4 pounds makes! I upped the ruck weight by this measly amount and instantly felt the difference on the way to the track .lol. All in the legs and hips, which was good but it was a slow ten laps to be sure.

No worries it got done and I had actually planned on nine laps up until the ninth laps when I actually started to feel good and went for the tenth. Started slow, 8:30 per lap and it pretty much stayed there til the last two which went for about 8:15.

This was strength training, that's for sure.
Did my squat stretches for 30 seconds after each lap and the extra weight made a difference there too :)
Had my knee flexion tested cold Friday morning and I hit an easy 133, these squats were closer to 140 than 130. Definitely getting there.
Double floor presses tomorrow. That should be fun. Back is normal and shoulders are feeling good as well,keeping up the doorknob lat stretch every chance I get. Grease the groove can be used for more than just chins and presses :)


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