Monday, July 14, 2014

Double 28 kg floor press,40 kg belt squat, pushups, sled

Recovered well from the weekends training, and the new doorknob lat stretch is keeping the QL quiet and happy. The ab work ( mainly isometrics) for the diastasi recti seems to be working as well, as well as not overstretching it on the stability ball. I think it came from the distorted overhead work not the one arm swing but either way I'll finish up the month at least with double bells on Saturday. At least I think I will :)
I do love throwing around those heavy one arm bells :)

Double bell floor press
2 16s x 5 x 2  - these feel good just hard to get in position
2 20's x 5 x 2 easy press but set up is tough even with Glenn
1 24 x 4/4 x 2 trying to see if one side is better
1 x 28 kg x 2/2 very hard to stabilize and groove is much different than doubles
2 20's x 5
2 24's x 4 found a handoff technique ( I get one side going via a tgu setup then he hands off the other)
2 28's x 3 x 3 tough but not that hard. hand off is tough
2 24's x4

nice to see I can still bench. this felt strong once I got it in position! I'm even thinking about bringing out the barbell for this :) I actually think doing doubles like this, or a barbell, might actually help re square/ re balance/ re set the shoulders. We'll see.
Any way it was fun and the shoulders didn't hurt at all.

Belt squat
40 kg x 12,14,16,20

these were very strong and deep. legs recovered well from yesterday's ruck

Parallel bar pushups( feet on ground , hands parallel)

3 sets of 10,10, 8 - shoulder started clunking
horizontal pushup 2  x 7 still strong, shoulder just tired

this is great progress.The sets of 10 were no problem at all , shoulders worked fine and were completely quiet

Hip sled
95 lbs x 250 ft x 4 laps

this was almost easy. time to go up in weight a bit. would have done 5 laps but was overall tired, but the legs felt solid! cardio too. fast walk, It's really freaking amazing what these last 11 months have brought. A miracle, actually.

datsit. Feel great time to stretch out.



Diana said...

Love that.....bench press with bells!! I have GOT to try that!
However, watching you lay them babies down at the end, I would have to say that one must be super careful not to "tweak" an elbow or wrist dropping them out to the sides?

Mark Reifkind said...

yes laying them down is 'tricky' but I am just pushing them out and 'letting them go'. holding on while they go outward is bad. but there's really no easy way to get them in or out of position