Saturday, October 30, 2010

Snatch day.

Ack. More sets of 20 reps done in groups of 10/10 slowly, with long pauses at the top. Well, long for me. This type of paced snatching is akin to pulling duct tape off an open wound, one millimeter at a time,lol. I completely understand this is working, building, a much different type of strength that I have, more static strength and strength endurance from a foundational standpoint but man it is crazy hard for me.

And not in a good way. I honestly don't know if I can do it. Or want to do it. As my body feels better I want to step on the gas, after spending so much time with one foot on the gas pedal and the other on the brake. This feels like more time on the brake.

I took Tom Corrigan's suggestion and opened my hand at the top of each rep but for some reason my right shoulder was tighter than it should have been this morning and that didn't help anything.

I think I like the idea of this type of distance training rather than the reality of it.I have to constantly hold myself back during each rep in this format which is just so different than how my body wants to go.Short and hard. Sprint and rest. Hardstyle.

Still got it done.

16 kg x5/5 x2
20 kgx5/5

24 kg x 7/7
x 10/10 x 4 sets
20 kg x15/15 x 2 sets

94 reps with the 24 kg
60 reps with the 20 kg

154 total
I actually was good until the 20 kg down sets and they just pissed me off. I wanted to go fast and tear the bandaid off and I was still pulling the tape off one hair at a time. I was tired and bored and abandoned the plan to do down to the 16 kg and do 20 rep sets. Ack. Couldn't handle the thought.

Put on my olympic shoes for the last two sets with the 20kg and really liked the position and leverage. Will wear these again next week for all snatches.

I don't want to go back to mvo2 snatches as I really enjoy working the solid overhead lockout and I don't think this slow paced is going to work for me, perhaps Sr RKC Peter Lakatos's Hungarian Snatches is the next experiment. It's an interesting amalgam of all the things I like:

a powerful descent and ascent
a dead stop hold at the top
working just one arm at a time ala mvo2
resting between sets until HR is 115-120

As much as I want to train for the RKC snatch test I think I will just have to do it when I need to and train as I want to; for power and strength.

Two hand swings

32 kg x10 x 5 sets

short rest /sets. equal work to rest. These felt solid and powerful

Been having a great time playing with the kinesiotape I discovered at Keat's place last weekend. Taping all the weak areas of my left leg and really see a difference in stability and less pain already. wish I had discovered this stuff a long time ago.

Also, the magnesium oil spray is working crazy good and my bodyfat levels have fallen and my muscle mass and strength are decidedly up in very short order. This product is a winner and I can't wait to try some more of the products on the hormone optimization list Mike Mahler sent me. Here's Mike on SuperHuman radio talking about hormone optimization, great info.

datsit :))


guy said...

Bossman, this type of snatching would take some adapting to for me too. Like you posted I'm more abou tMV02 style myself. It is however intersting to read, like i find all of your posts interesting an insightful. One blessing at least it's not Gorrilla tape lol.

Mark Reifkind said...


what's gorilla tape? now I'm interested :)). I've thought about it all morning and I think I just need to focus on what my original workout idea was: goal= average 200 snatch reps with the 24 kg.
I can do in them in sets of 5/5 and not fatigue my grip( which wrecks my shoulders) and use the appropriate rest period for that day.I can wave load the total sets from 15-20 over a 4 week period.

my form is an amalgam it seems. I need to do a long deep back swing and not pull early out of the bottom. But then I need to do a crisp ascent with a strong lockout and hold( but not too long and then a quick descent.

I made a vow not to snatch over 24 kg again but I said nothing about high pulls so I might alternate them in there instead of snatches and go up to the 28 or even 32 kg. I have to be careful there too as it can overwork the elbow flexors and hence my shoulders.

Training is my source and the info's always changing. Have to stay on top of what is happening now. We all are all an experiment of one.

I'm going back to the OL shoes on the snatch and one arm swing but not the two hand swing.I tried both ways today and flat footed was definitely better, on those but not the snatches.

I've just decided that I don't need to train anymore in ways that I don't like.Not to say I won't train hard but not in ways I don't want to just for some theoretical reason.

thanks for the comment and the continued support and interest.

guy said...

Sir, Gorrilla tape is a really strong type of duct tape (10,000 mile an hour tape lol) Is this type of snatch practice aimed at helping improve your SSST scores?

Mark Reifkind said...


yes, this was going in the direction of longer sets and going towards the ssst and the rkc snatch test.

I think I would just rather suffer through it on the fly than train specifically for it.