Tuesday, October 26, 2010

28 kg presses, another volume pr.

Another really stellar day in the gym. After missing two workouts in a row( I skipped Wednesdays swings and carry's and was in Tempe for Saturday) I didn't expect to be feeling good this morning but I was wrong. Maybe it's the Ancient Minerals magnesium spray I've been using for the last week that I got from Mike Mahler but I was strong today!

Don't know if this stuff can work as fast as it seems to but I recognize what a higher test level feels like and mine is up, as well as my bodyfat being down. Now I use magnesium citrate already as well as dhea capsules but they don't work like this! Crazy.

Although I was hoping to be able to use the 28kg today for some presses I had pretty much resigned myself to just the 24 considering how heavy that 28 can feel on low days. But after a solid warmup with the 24 I decided to give it a go with the 28 and boy did it go!
6 am warmup
40 minutes full stretchout including new bretzell variations for shoulders.

8:30 am
second warmup
one arm swings
16 kg x10/10x3

16 kg x5/5x5

short cycle press
16 kg x5/5
20 kg x5/5
24 kg x5/5
24 kg x6/6

28 kg x2/2 x7 sets PR
man these were easy! I could have done triples or fours with this for the same amount of work and I could have easily kept going today but I only had an hour and had other things to do.

Went in "I go, you go" fashion with my beautiful training partner who was doing double presses. SO NICE to train with Tracy and so nice to feel strong again too.

Handstand kickups

6 sets of 7 kickup to stack position with solid holds on the 3rd and last kickup. Handstands haven't felt this solid in eons. A definite correlation to my pressing strength and my increased shoulder flexibility.

Two hand arm cast
15 lbs x 10/10
20 lbs x 10/10
25 lbs x8/8

Two Hand Shield Cast
20lbs x8/8
25 lbx8/8

outatime! good to feel good. tomorrow: swings and carrys and my kb lunges.

Datsit :))


jockeRKC said...

You are putting up the 28:th like it was a duck feather =)
Nice done Rif.
Are you going to the CICs i march? i am so hope to see you there.

Boris Terzic said...

Nice work with the 28kg looked easy. I'd love to know more on how you feel as you continue to take the mineral oil.

Mark Reifkind said...


thanks man, " duck feather" that would be nice but it did feel pretty light. just not THAT light,lol.

what is the CIC? don't think i'm going.

Mark Reifkind said...


thanks man and I will keep you updated as to the mineral oil experiment although I can feel that it will be very good already.

jockeRKC said...

Mr Rif
CIC certified indianclub instructor by RKC

mablak2 said...
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mablak2 said...

Great work Rif. You always find a way to get better, very inspiring.

I have Tracy's swing video and can't say enough about it. The class video was outstanding and the Q&A was a goldmine of info. Very well done.

Any chance in the future of outlining your stretch routine? I seem to remember something from a few years back but can't find it.



Mark Reifkind said...


I will outline my stretch routine for you and I plan on doing a work along stretch dvd in the near future as well.