Thursday, September 16, 2010

Swings are hard. 5/7/9 ladders.

Man I can't believe I did 400 one arm swings with the 32 kg. It seems like another life ago as I climb back up this hill again. That's no joke. Of course LOTS of parameters are different but going heavy changes everything and that's heavy for me these days.

AND a ton of volume.

Oh well, I am where I am and today I had thoughts of doing some volume with the 32kg but when training time came I took the low road and chose the 28 kg as I really haven't qualified with THAT bell recently and I know there are no shortcuts, only detours.

I felt good though and that was nice, nothing yelling or talking to me and what a change that is. Got to stretch out a bit early too with some brettzels, hamstring strap work and the dogs, down and up. Also spend tons of time with the overhead stick stretch as I am really seeing that pay off in my right arm overhead position.

Right arm windmills and getups might be back in my future yet. Hey I can two hand swing now, why not?

But one arm swings, with my arm straight, really buts the bell way the hell out in front of me and that's a lot of torque, and a lot of work,and force, to produce,reduce and reverse. High pulls and snatches are actually a much shorter ROM and thus easier. Of course the easy way is almost never the right way,not when it comes to training.

One arm swing ladder

16 kg x5/5 x2
24 kg x 5/5 ( big jump, nice)

28 kg x 5/5
x9/9 x 3 rounds
126 reps


One arm swing/two hand swing combination
28 kg x 5/5 + 5 two hands. Here's the last set.

5 sets 50 more one arm swings

total one arms 176
total load 11,088

wow that adds up fast. Nice.

these kicked my butt.I am very glad I didn't choose the 32 kg. This was tough enough, especially those 9 rep sets.But my form and power felt good and I didn't feel like anything was going to tear lose, which is always a good thing but never a given :))

Ladders rock and make doing this type of volume possible when you are really not strong enough to do it,lol. Just trying to hammer away at one set rep number is way tougher.I did 20 sets of 10/10 when I made the 400 reps and that's a way from here but this was a good start.

I think I did a total of 50 reps the last workout with the 32 kg.This was better

Snatch Holds
16 kg x60 seconds
20 kg x 45 seconds
24 kg x 40 seconds x 2 sets

these were surprisingly tough! I thought they would be much easier on the right but I had gotten a bit tight from the swings and it took awhile to open up the shoulder.

band triceps extensions

50 reps non stop blue band. I admit it, I pumped.I almost feel guilty.



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mc said...

Looking so good, mark

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks mc :)