Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Snatches and swings.

I am going to aim for three kb workouts per week. Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturdays. Thursday will be come the press day where I train with my honey, I am on the press and she will work her level 2 skills. Saturday will be max vo2 day and Tuesdays will be swings and something else,perhaps snatches.

Today it was snatches.
I have been thinking of building up my one arm snatch with the 20 kg until I can get 40-50 reps then switching up to the 24 and repeating but I am not sure if this is the best course of action. I am really focused on the press and getting that as my main movement and for some reason I can't seem to train both the snatch and the press successfully at the same time.

Today was just rough with little sleep last night causing more pain than usual today.Decided to start slowly and do an 80 % effort test with the 16 kg for reps. It was disappointing.

6 am stretchout

50 minutes of stretching and foam rolling.


16 kg x5/5 x2
20 kg x5/5 x 5 sets

16kg x 25/25 x 1

this was not good. My right arm overhead position with the snatch is still not right even though it feels fine in the press, go figure. I wanted to do some 24 kg snatches but it was 8:30 am and I'm not used to training heavy early anymore and it showed.I paced myself,with Tracy's help, to just go at 20 reps per minute but slowed a bit from that after 15 reps. Haven't done more than 10 reps per arm with any weight in forever and it showed.Wanted 30 but 25 was 80 %.

One arm swings
24 kg x8/8 x 10 sets

this was rough as well and the lack of sleep reared it's ugly head. Wanted to go up here as well but barely made it through this. yuck. but it got done and my body was reset.

only had an hour so I spent the last ten minutes stretching out and cooling down.
Presses on Thurday.


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