Monday, April 12, 2010

Back to training

It's nice to look forward to training. After training pretty much nonstop for 39 years, having a career in the field(s) for all of that time as well and treating my training like, well, a "job", can sometimes make it feel like a, "job".

Especially after I grew up a bit and started taking my "real" job of making decent money and really providing for my family more seriously than my competitive quest for athletic mastery. Training gets "fit" in , much more now than ever, and sometimes I've just got an hour to train, knowing full well it usually takes me 45 minutes to warmup enough to go hard.

I used to train first and work afterwards, which was totally cool as an athlete, as I gave my best energy of the day to the workout. Now I give it to my clients and make sure I still get as much as a consistent, progressive workout in 2-3 times a week. It's amazing how much I used to train, hours wise, and how little I do now but I just can't recover from much more and that's key.

Plus, all my clients get stretched and I'm constantly demo'ing or adjusting or lugging out weights. My job is more physical than most sedentary jobs. especially now as I realized I have to stand all day for my back to be happy.

I missed my saturday workout with tracy meg and nick and I was really looking forwards to todays press, knowing though it would be rough because I was rough.losing ground by not training so makes getting started again tough. But hey, that's the game and you just got to show up, do your best and see what you get.

Swings( got to warmup)
16kgx5/5/5( transfers) x 3 sets
20 kg x5/5/5
24 kgx5/5/5 x5 sets

these went well, I decided i have to swing to warmup even though I would be stronger going right into's worth it to be more warm than strong.

Strict KB Press
16 kgx5/5x2
20 kgx5/5

Each set got progressively easier as my body 'woke up' and I found my groove for the last set,lol! "Last set, best set" as I always say.

Tactical pullups

this was almost a disaster as I decided to try "chin ups" with my palms facing forwards to see if they would be easier on my shoulder. I like them theoretically, as the external rotation is good for the shoulder and rotators, the biceps are in a better mechanical position to pull, its great hypertrophy work, etc.
and the hang felt great but as soon as I pulled the first half of the rep I could feel that my right forearm was not going to like it and I bailed.
No real problem, just a tap on the side of the head. Stretch out this position FIRST, before loading it. Ok. Got it.
Went back to pullups and it felt fine. Supersetted with floor pushups


done with moderate tension and tempo slightly up. Can't beleive I can do these again. Cool.

Crooked arm bars
20 lbs x 5/5 x 2
26 kbx5/5 x 2

these are great and the external rotation keeps opening up.

It was so nice to really look forward to training today. And I get to swing for real on Wednesday or Thursday.


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