Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Lots of little stuff; and swings and presses,medium intensity.

Got to Girya early today to teach some joint mobility to Tracy's swing class and spent the rest of the hour stretching out, foam rollering , doing horse stances and generally doing what I should be doing to keep things open and functioning.

Still standing at work and surprisingly ( not) the weekend, with much less standing and much less stretching and way more sitting and lying produced more back tightness than the entire week before. go figure.

so it was back to work, literally today and by the time I got to my swing workout I was really ready to go and feeling surprisingly strong. I kept my same , wider stance but today I was moved to let myself hinge over more, like the bottom position in my profile, than I have been doing. Let myself 'follow the bell' more, if you will.

this was prompted by a conversation Tracy and I had last night about my swing and snatch form and how it was so different than the profile picture she took. I am learning evermore to really listen to that still small voice, and my 'gut' and it told me to let myself bend over more and follow the bell. I was amazed at how strong I felt and how easy the reps came. 'bout time.

One arm swings
16 kg x5/5

24 kg x5/5
x10/10 x 2 rounds
180 reps
9540 lbs

I wanted a lighter workout today, so as NOT to get tweaked right before the coming weekend HKC. I have priorities,lol. But I was very very surprised and delighted just how strong I felt( all swings were to chin height no problem) and good my back and groove felt. I havent done tens in so long and last time they were hard,lol.

Short cycle Clean and Press( one clean per press set)
20 kg x 5/5
24 kgx5/5

Had aspirations of doing 5/5x5 in the presses but again, wanted to be conservative as the cert comes up and I haven't been pressing regularly. They were SO easy, but still tiring.I am out of pressing shape.Not for long.

5 sets of 8

these felt much stronger than even on Saturday, which felt good. still need to go slower than I want to, just to make sure my shoulders don't fall off my body any time soon. It feels SO good to press again. I appreciate it now. When I was powerlifting and my bench was so good and so easy and so natural I had no appreciation for it, or my talent. I really wasted a lot of great effort as I focused almost ALL my mental and physical efforts on my weak points, the squat and deadlift.

I know I could have benched 500 at 198 if I had let myself 'love' my strong point lift, instead of holding in contempt( " the only lift you do lying down,lol"). No worries, I'm glad it seems like I can press a bit again.

One arm Clubbell casts

10 lbs x 10/10/10/10
15 lb x8/8 x 3 sets

mo' triceps.


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