Saturday, February 13, 2010

Swing Vo2; bumping up the load.

The RKC is coming.I'm teaching the clean again this weekend, too. I love this move.One of the toughest for the average person to get.

Although I have an RKC this next weekend I thought I might be able to bump up the training intensity a bit by using the 20 kg in my swing vo2 workout this morning at Girya with Tracy and Meg.
(Knock on wood) my back has been feeling almost normal these days and I've adjusted my swing groove to accommodate this. Swings went very well on Tuesday, even though the volume wasn't that high and that gave me some confidence.

I even got in a 30 minute workout on Thursday consisting of rack walks, clubbell torch presses, pushups and rolling db extensions- my all time FAVORITE tricep exercise! I did circuits with each of the exercises just trying to get some blood moving and a decent little pump in my upper body as I try to increase my upper body mass a bit. While my legs won't grow for anything my upper body tends to grow like a weed and it's time I got to work my strengths a bit again.The presses are definitely helpful for this but the pushups and triceps extensions will really make things grow fast.

I am actually eating more too and that will help as well. When you want to add muscle you have to add protein to the menu and that's what I'm doing.More muscle formula( so simple):

Break it down
Rest it
Feed it protein to heal= muscle hypertrophy.

There ya go. Not strength but size. You can break it down so many ways and they all work.Tension is tension.
Still hate eating too early in the day so I will get a protein powder shake going with no carbs.I like Metrx protein plus the best.I know it works for me.

30 minutes stretching, foam roller and stability work( horse stance). Really getting great results from doing A LOT of adductor stretching with some very wide stances in a multitude of angles. Crazy how that is so connected to my back pain, but it is.Lots of in line hlaf kneeling stretches as well, really emphasizing my left soleus and rectus femoris. Didn't know they were that tight but with a knee that only flexes 90 degrees it makes sense, really.

Saturday Swing Vo2 15:15
16 kg x 10 reps per arm x 20 sets
20 kg x 9 reps per arm x 10 sets
16 kg x 10 reps per arm x 20 sets
20 kg x 9 reps per arm x 10 sets

40 sets with 16 kg =400 reps/ 14,400 lbs
20 sets with 20 kg= 180 reps/7920 lbs

total reps=580
total load=22,320

Wow,that does add up fast.Nice. I definitely could have pushed it and gotten 10 reps per arm with the 20 but I wanted to play it safe today and 9 was stable. This was a bunch more work and my heartrate was higher than with the 16 kg but still no where near as high as it gets with snatches. We'll get back to those soon enough. This is re building my base and right now, that's what I need most.

Clubbell Torch Press
10 lbs x 5/5x2
15 lbx5/5x2
20 lbx 3/3 x 2

These were a bit harder than expected, as I had done some on Thursday and they were easier. But I hadn't just done almost 600 hi intensity swings first either. Should have stretched overhead more prior. next time. Was a bit sloppy with these at first as the weight is light and I wasn't paying enough attention.You can hurt yourself with bad form with light weights no problem. Hell I can hurt myself sleeping.
Pay attention!Keep the lat engaged and the shoulder in the socket. Basic press technique.

Floor pushups:

these continue to get easier and more stable although doing them for the second time this week ( ok third) and after Boldcb presses they worked me harder than I expected.Lots of stick stretches, behind back and overhead between sets. fast pace though with lots of tension with each rep.

Snatch holds
16 kg x30 sec each arm , three sets

Wanted to activate the rotator cuff after all that pressing and nothing works it better for me than these. Plus it felt great to actually snatch a kb again!

16 kg rack walks

asymmetrically again, right arm clean and rack walk and left arm suitcase farmers style. about 1000 feet continuous.

finished with more straddle and hammy stretches and foam roller.

Off to in and out burger for some protein. Can you say double double?LOL



Roland said...

Nice job.

Double-Doubles are the best pwo nutrition, I think I'll hit up the Torrance location! Enjoy!

Mark Reifkind said...


I believe you are right~! I feel bigger already,lol.