Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Positions of Strength.

Well it's getting very close indeed. The RKC , that is. And I want to make sure I am physically ready for it as best I can. Which means, among other things, that I taper this coming week and that started today.

Went in for an hour stretch out at 6 am as Tracy taught her swing class. Stretching my adductors as well as my quads and hip flexors with my new regime has become key to my back health. Or so it seems. I really don't care why, or even how, just that it works and it seems to be working well. As well as standing all day too. Any port in a storm.

Also, not trying to adjust my swing technique to any specific biomechanical angle or movement pattern that may or may not work for anyone else. Just what seems to be my strongest and safest position(s). It's the same as my deadlift.It wasn't pretty but it was my strongest position and I could work it. Same here.

And the same with my press. I've got to concentrate on feeling the correct position, the position of strength. I know where it is, for me, on each lift. I just have to TRUST and go with what my body tells me, not just my mind. That's wrong way more than my body. Theory is great but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. It's hard to argue that.

One arm swings/ transfers
16 kg x5/5/5x2
20 kg x5/5/5

24 kg x5/5/5x 16 sets
240 reps
12,720 lbs

Ack, I thought the rep total was higher.I would have, and could have easily done more. Things felt great today. As Tracy said after the workout ," you looked normal today". And that's how it felt. Normal. Not adjusting and looking for the aftermath after each set; did it hurt me that time.

Just a set of swings, a short rest and another set.Done strongly and powerfully and with ease and grace. About time. But I played it safe and did not do too much as the last thing I want is to be at all going into this weekend. I will be sore enough at the end of the four days. Yes, four, the cert starts for me on thursday with the equipment setup, assistant testing and the Meet and Greet. Here we go!

Clean and Press, long cycle
24 kg x2/2 x 5 sets

these were great, easy and just how they should feel. I know it's light but the groove felt so good. and my lockout,even on my right, was solid. I have started starting all presses on the left side, my stronger side,as this seems to really HELP the groove on the right.
The opposite of what I've been doing for years; starting on the weak side.

Gray Cook believes you should start on the strong side to "teach" the weak side, neurologically, how to do the movement right and I now believe he's right,lol. I've been experimenting with clients and it pans out . Go figure.

Rolling db extensions

20 lbs x 20. 15, 13, 12 , 10

very short rest and great pump,lol. The pipes will be back......

Floor pushups
four sets of 8-5 done slowly and with max tension at the top.

this feels SO weird to be able to do these again. The book I should write should be on pressing as I know more about that than virtually anything else. My best and most natural lift by far. I wnat to press the Bulldog first though :))

Have to get to 165 first and that's a way's off. No worries.

datsit. It's good not to be in pain :))


Aaron Friday said...

Glocks are ugly too, but they work really, really well.

A couple years ago, I lifted with my ex-powerlifter brother for a spell (between women) and saw him deadlift first-hand. I have to say, he's got a weird fucking deadlift ~ like as narrow a stance as possible while still technically sumo-style, and feet pointing outward at different angles.

At his last meet before retiring from the sport, he finally nailed a 600-lb deadlift at 165 using that freaky looking form. It's what he wanted, it worked for him, and it wasn't any sort of compromise. It was OPTIMIZED FOR MAXIMUM ACHIEVEMENT.

Mark Reifkind said...


so good to hear from you man, I miss you. Hope to get up there asap,somehow.
and yes, there are so many variables to each person's body that it's just about impossible, imho, to really say what anyone's stance or position of max strength really is.

each one of use has to find that and most aren't that interested,lol.

as Louie Simmons use to tell me about powerlifting, and I love the saying,
" this ain't no beauty parlor".

great thing there aren't any style points in the strength world.

and yes, I love Glocks :))

Aaron Friday said...

In the last few months, I wanted to free up a few inches in my pants to make room for my carry guns, and I did that with diet alone.

I ate a lot of fats and salads at every meal and stayed away from carbs. I went from the 165 class to the 148 class, replacing carb-eating activity with Michael Jackson music and video games. NOT exercise.

I'm interested in this thing you call kettleballs.

Diana said...

I'm so happy to hear about the starting on the "strong" side.....I've been doing the "start with the weak side" since I was "suggested" that and it has absolutely sucked. I patiently have been waiting for it to get easier, it hasn't.
Back to starting on the LEFT!

Mark Reifkind said...


now that's functional training; losing weight so there's more room to carry your weapon. excellent,lol.

Mark Reifkind said...


I told Tracy I started on my strong side now AFTER she finished her presses, starting on her weak side and she just about killed me.
Hey I just remembered it as I started pressing after she finished.

I can always change my opinion when presented with better info. hope it helps and just remember, it may work, but not forever...

Aaron Friday said...

I carry an XD9 with a 5" barrel inside my pants (appendix position) in comfort.

I'll write an article for DD about the virtues of the Springfield XD, coconut oil and salads, and not exercising, but only if you'll put in a good word for me.