Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Presses and swings.

Man it seems like I haven't gotten to train in ages. I missed my Saturday workout due to the HKC and I was jones'in for a workout. Haven't felt that in a long time. It is good.
Jordan came in so I could work with him on his press and pullup as he fine tunes his training for the Level 2 cert coming up in three weeks so I decided to press first. Haven't done that in eons either.

I have decided to use some specialized variety in my press training, or 'the same but different'. Two weeks ago I did long cycle clean and military press. Last week I did military presses again but with only one clean per press. Today was double stacked presses.

I love these! For some reason they are easier for me than single bells( at least in some ways). I like the thicker grip when pressing; it seems to increase my leverage and make the groove more solid.Balancing the suckers is not easy and I haven't done them for years but I got it under control pretty quickly.

I worked my way up from the 12 and 8 kg, to 2 12's, to 1 12kg and 1 kg to 2 16 kg. That's 32 kg of weight and I was very happy when it went so strongly , on both arms no less. Ah,it's good to feel strong again.

Double stack kb press
1 8kg/1 12= 20 kg x 5 reps per arm
2 12 kg= 24 kg x 3 reps per arm
1 12kg/1 16kg = 28 kg x 1 rep per arm
2 16 kg=32 kg x 1 rep per arm

NICE! The plan is to do a bit more upper body work again and put some more mass on, or, as I tell my bride, more beef. Beef is good.

See saw press
I wasn't done pressing but I was done with the double stack press so I went to see-saws. Haven't done these either in years but I was hoping they wouldnt bother anything since it is one of my strongest and favorite moves.Everything went up splendily.

2 20's x 5
2 24's x 3 x 3 sets

One arm Swings

Now to swings! I was a bit cooked but things opened up very quickly.

24 kg x8/8x 3 sets/ 48 reps
28kg x8/8/16 reps
32 kg x 7/7x 3 sets 42 reps
24 kgx10/10 x5 sets 100 reps
206 total reps

Floor pushups

5 sets of 8-10 slow and strict. These keep feeling better and better.

CB arm casts
10 lbx 10/10
15 lb x10/10x3


did one hour of joint mobility,horse stances, foam rolling, static stretching and overhead stick work at 6 am as Tracy taught her swing class.Can't forget the small stuff and I continue to stand all day at work as well. Hate this but it's helping and necessary as I prepare for the next two long ass certs coming up!


Jordan Vezina said...

Thanks for taking the time to work with me today Rif. I like that shirt.

Mark Reifkind said...


glad I could help. and yea, the shirts great.