Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The rythym of training.

It was bound to happen. If I got my routine settled back into place, got some sleep and more food and kept trying to progress my training whenever I could I was bound to feel better. To feel strong again. To feel like I was not just hanging on for dear life and 'surviving' my training but actually getting better.
Tracy's class on Saturday with those killer high intensity 20 rep snatch sets with the 24 kg just pushed everything into place and today I stepped back into the realm of 8 rep sets in my snatch vo2 again, and it wasn't that hard. Thank God. Bout time.Even my press workout seemed so much stronger than expected.
From consistency comes intensity.And I've found from students to clients to even Elite Instructors most people have the hardest time not with any one high intensity workout or workload but stringing together workout after workout after workout.
I always tell people when they are bragging about their current program design:"don't tell me how many workouts a week you have scheduled, tell me how many you miss in the next six months."
Not traveling is SO important. I think it truly is impossible, at least it is for me, to train hard and make any real progress if one is constantly changing their day to day routine. The body thrives on regularity and routine. Just ask any elite athlete. The answer is always the same. One can survive a serious travel schedule but I don't know anybody that thrives on it.
If one is serious about making progress you have to do what needs to be done, not what one wants to do.Simple, but not easy eh?

Snatch Vo2
15:15 16 kg
45 sets of 7
5 sets of 8
355 reps
12780 lbs

This was strong from the get and I was finishing the set with 3 seconds left for at least 20 plus sets. then it settled into 2 seconds left.The biggest problem, as usual, was my overactive sweat glands and trying to keep the bell from getting wet. My HR for most of the workout as in the low 160's and didnt jump up to the 170's until the last 15 sets. I wanted to include some 8's but when I hit 45 sets so strongly I knew I should do the last 5 sets of 8. no problem. The fact that it was as humid as it has been in eons( raining humid lol) helped a lot. It's very hard for me to go fast when I am cold or it's really dry. so the environment helped alot. I'll take it.
Hopefully this will hold and I will try to do 10 sets of 8 at the end next week and increase the loads again. when I can do 50 sets of 8 I will increase total sets. we'll see :))

KB Mil Press
20 kg x2/2
24 kgx1/1
28 kgx1/1
32 kg x1/1/1/1 ( this is a recent best. recleaned each rep.NO problem. Can't wait to get my 36 kg!
28 kgx1/1
24 kg x3/3

presses feel awesome and for some reason seem to really work at the end of snatch speed day. Who knows why? Maybe it takes that much for me to warmup. don't care. it's working.



lokityrus said...

Great performance Sir! I totally agree w/ you on "How many workouts have you missed in the last 6 months as oppossed to how many were scheduled". Plus I'm going to use that saying "Consistency equals Intensisty as a Marquee Screensaver on my PC screen. Great post as usual and I will be buying your book someday.

Diana said...

It is so nice to be on a roll, the kettlebells and I are getting to know each other very well again these days! Best damn tool out there! Can't wait for the snow to bring on that "added intensity"!!
Best wishes to you both.....let me know the dates when available for the RKC's next year, looking for something in the fall in MN!