Friday, October 09, 2009

Grace;you gotta be there when it shows up.

Who woulda thunk it? Had the strongest Bikrams practice I've had in many, many moons. My client cancelled so I could go with Tracy to the 12 noon class which is my second favorite time next to 8 am. I really didnt think I would be strong today but things started out good and got even better. Everything felt solid and this was the first time in recent memory, perhaps ever, that I did not cut short any pose at all, and, if fact, sprinted through the finish line.Now it is true that the instructor did not hold the poses long, and in fact shorted them a bit but today it wouldnt have mattered.
I always love to say that they key thing to training is, arcane periodization cycles aside, is showing up, day after day, doing your best and waiting for the gods to smile on you AND being smart enough to jump on it when you are feeling strong and ready to push it.Today was one of those days, as usual, when you would least expect it.
The fact that I hardly drank any water for the first hour spoke volumes as well.Usually I am drinking pretty regularly and as much as I can at regular intervals but today felt no need to drink.I felt calm, strong and in the moment.This experience, being in the flow, in the moment is what I lived for for most of my athletic life. There is almost nothing like it.The calmness, the ease, the perfection of the moment, no matter how good or bad it is.It still feels strong.
And strong feels good. Haven't felt strong in quite some time but I've kept showing up and waiting for it,hoping for it, praying for it.And then it appears. How cool.Havent felt in the stream in so long but there it was, like I had never left. So easy, so calm.So strong.
And tomorrow is a big day. Heavy snatches with Tracy at her class in the early AM and then a Master Class for yoga at noon. this will be fun. I'm ready.



guy said...


Sounds Shibui... or does it stink of Mushin? Glad you were in the groove Sir. It seems a lil bit og "Nothing" goes a long way ;)

guy said...

Sorry Sir! SP Sounds like ... and I meant of not og! Laughing at my foibles.

Mark Reifkind said...

sorry guy, you will have to explain SP/OG
I get mushin and yes, that is definitely part of the flow zone.

guy said...

SP means spelling or rather the fact that I can't sometimes ;) I meant to write of not og. Oh well I'm a product of the U.S education system lol.

Rob O'Brien said...


Sounds like you are in a groove! Nice.

By the were right. the 25lb clubbell might as well be 225! It kicked my ass this morning!