Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Bikram bodybuilding and Snatch Vo2, tues and wed training

We are actually getting back to some semblance of a training schedule now and I made tuesday Bikrams 12 noon class as planned. And, as I expected I got my ass kicked. It was nice when I was fresh but I wasn't on tuesday and it was a struggle. That was fine and I pushed through the best I could but it was one LONG hour on my feet through the standing series and the room seemed hotter and more humid than on Sunday. It was just me, I'm sure, as Tracy had no problems with it.
It struck me though, just how much tension is involved in doing the 26 postures. Well, if one is doing them correctly, as instructed. Hey for me just locking my elbows out completely overhead in half moon is crazy hard on the triceps and delts and makes lats and serratus stretch like crazy; which, of course, is just another form of contraction and hence, tension. Tension tension everywhere.Just like bodybuilding, lol.
I definitely saw a difference in muscle tone ; a decrease, over the two weeks I didn't practice more than once a week. Locking everything out,especially all the shoulder holds really ,really really works the crap out of the upper body,lol!Awkward series got me and I had to drop my arms for a bit. Just a bit but I was hurtin'.I really focus on using my lats to hold my shoulders in place during those postures and they were just tired from saturday and worries, I just accepted that was the limit that day but it weren't no fun.
Not really supposed to be. Especially with Bikrams favorite phrase as the tag line: " the right way is the hard way". Perfect. I was going the right way then.
No tweaks though and pretty fast recovery for today which was snatch vo2 which I also havent done in weeks,lol. RIGHT into the deep end of the pool. this was gonna hurt.
Of course Tracy was doing her workout with me using the 16 kg for sets of 6 as her easy max day so I had no choice but to man up. It really showed me how much attitude effects my strength and endurance. sleep or wine notwithstanding.

Snatch vo2
16 kg
49 sets of 7
1 set of 8
351 reps
12,636 lbs/25 minutes
505 lbs per minute/lol

this went well and my form took over. I focused as much on 'standing up with my whole body' rather than concentrating on using my hips or back or pulling the bell in. Stand up with everything was my manta.I also got the images of WSB style power goodmornings where I visualized my back as the lead extensor in the whole extensor chain. First arch it up, which open up the hips which give the knees the right leverage to finish extension. And, standing up with everything. A jump if you will.Worked well.
Tracy commented that even though I was doing sevens I was going at an 8 rep pace which is true, I always try to snatch as fast as I can that day, even if I have a second or two left over in the 15 sec. I know it's not VWC correct but neither is doing this only once a week,which I have now for 3 years!Some days that acceleration is good, somedays not so good.the key is that it's the best I can muster than workout.

KB Military press
20 kg x3/3
24 kgx2/2
28 kgx1/1
32 kg x1/1
40 clean loaded clean and mentally press

this went so well! the 32 felt light and grooved perfectly. and the 40 kg loaded clean, well I haven't cleaned that in years so I was really happy. I will keep the load high and the volume though on these. I have to remember than I am remembering how to press, not training the press.
I could feel how being so light now will be tough on the Bulldog press.It's more than half my bodyweight!How cool will that be when I press it.
My lats got worked over well in all these clean and presses too. Can't wait to pullup again, too.
Day off tomorrow.



guy said...


A couple of questions please sir? 1) How many times weekly do you practice Z. 2) Can you define "Easy Max" please? Thanks. Your going to be doing pullups again soon, cool! I ahve been making Wednesday a pullup ladder day doing the ladder sys that Will Williams wrote about in a previous article. Hope you have a great week sir!

eda said...
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Rob O'Brien said...

Good to see you back at it!

Mark Reifkind said...


I usually do z along with my clients a couple of times a day. I use them as intervals between the kb work sets so I do them along with the client, although I do it less than I have in the past.perhaps two full body circuits per day.
I think that when I get back to doing pullups I will do them as I do presses, focusing on intensity rather than volume.I've done so many pulls in my day I don't need much volume ( nor can I tolerate it) to maintain good strength.
thanks for the comment and take care


Mark Reifkind said...

thanks rob!

Geoff Neupert said...

Good job on the 32kg! That mustv'e felt great!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Geoff,what felt great was how easy it was. The 40 kg is a bit off but will be done.just have to force myself to make haste slowly.
thanks for stopping by.

eda said...