Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ventura Hardstyle Worksop with Pavel; short debrief.

Just got back from a great weekend out in the sun and surf at Pavel's Hardstyle Ventura workshop. Almost all the boys were there with Senior Instructors David Whitley, Will Williams, Doug Nepodal, and Team Leaders Doctor Mark Cheng, Mark Toomey,Jeremy Layport as well as RKC prodigal son Michael Castrogiovanni,and Paul Daniels.
We had about 35 students and so much was covered in the 7 hours it was hard to beleive. Pistols, pullups, pushups, hanging leg raises, headstands, handstands , handstand presses ALL kinds of related drill,corrective exercises and assistance work was demonstrated and learned.
I got called into service to teach the handstand segment and was extremely happy to find out I can still do a handstand; the last time I tried being almost a year ago as shown in the video below.In fact it went so well I have been completely inspired to start training my handstand again.
I also realized that I need to develop my own version of a bodyweight exercise/movement seminar based on my gymnastics background and the exercises and drills that I know from years of training and coaching gymnastics.I think my shoulders and back are finally ready to handle a bit more of upside down work. My handstand was my favorite and best skill when I was a gymnast. I never missed a handstand in my seven years of competing and I'm very proud of that.
It was so much fun to teach people who have never done a handstand the joy of inverted strength, and so nice to see that my restoring lost function work is still progressing.
mo later.


Diana said...

Great.......first I had to worry about flex arm hangs, now do I have to worry about doing these things too??!! Please tell me a handstand is not a pre-req for the RKC!??

Boris T. said...

Sounds like a hell of a line up at the seminar!

Mark Reifkind said...


no worries.this was just a seminar. no handstand requirements for RKC.

Mark Reifkind said...


yes it was quite the teacher student ratio!

You make loving fun said...

Great idea to put together a bodyweight excersise seminar. I have used Sommers "Building the gymnastic body" for a while now and the progressions work well for me but it would be great to get it from someone with both gymnastic, kettlebell and yoga experience.

Mark Reifkind said...


I think it will be way cool. I'll let you know when we get it together. where are you located?

You make loving fun said...

I'm in Stockholm. Me and my wife have signed up for RKC in Copenhagen in May 2010. Will we see you there?

Diana said...

I'm going to rock this 3 days from hell-just waiting for some dates to come up for next September!

Michael C. said...

Mark it was great to see you and catch up! I am glad that you are well and I look forward to more training together