Thursday, May 21, 2020

Fast speed walk

Well this came out of nowhere! I really fast loose legged walk today. Everything clicked and the first lap was at 7 minutes and they all stayed there until the sixth lap where I clocked an easy 6:31! Really nice to feel this good for a change on the walk

The idea of a ruckless fast pace walk was perfect. This is it's own thing. The idea for the ruck was to strengthen my knee and back post TKR and it did. I'm never going to actually do the Ft Bragg 12 miler I wanted to as GoRuck doesn't and will not, offer it so once a week heavy is fine

fast walk
6 laps
38 min
6080 steps
2.7 miles
last lap 6:31
total walk time 45 min


BW 175.00
BF 14.1

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