Thursday, January 04, 2018

Strong and fast ruck

Seemed to recover very well from yesterday and today's 45 lb ruck was solid. Legs felt strong and loose at the same time and the 6 laps just flew by

Last lap was 7:34 and it was as strong as I've been in a long long time on a thursday. Wore my salomons and it was good but they are breaking down a bit and i could feel it in the softer sand after yesterdays rain

Good news was I got my Salomon 4D GTX high tops today! They fit great but man this is a seriously built BOOT. Even more boot than the Danners. All of these need breaking in it seems. My mid tops were easy though
This could take a while but, like all my Salomons, they fit perfectly out of the box

45 lb Ruck
6 laps
55 min
last lap 7:34

BW 168.2
BF 13.3
W 55.6

ok day off tomorrow and then lots of 40 kg swings!


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