Monday, January 01, 2018

Last Ruck of 2017

Things went very well. Glutes not sure, back Ok everything fine.  Nice cool morning but not frigid. went back to my salomons to see how they were and sure enough these boots fit me perfectly. They are just worn down. Decided to buy the high tops I originally wanted and just be done with it. No sense messing about with my feet; which is the equivalent of messing about with my knees and back and everything else

Had to cut the ruck short by two laps though as my son was feeling sicker than he was at the start and it was time to not push it. No worries though got the important part in

50 lb ruck
10 laps
10 iso squat


BW 167.2 ?!
BF 13.1
W 56.9

Nice and lean to end 2017

Hopefully 2018 is WAAAAY better than 2017


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