Sunday, January 07, 2018

Hard but strong ruck

Not a bad day, as it turned out. Gabe was sick too so I was solo here as well. Overcast skies, cold and crisp and threatening to rain. Just how I like it :)
Started off hard, glutes and legs tight and slow but surprisingly they warmed up and loosened up fairly quickly.
Pace was decent although I didn't time anything til the end
Each lap was pretty quick ( i'm guessing 7:45-50 lap) but I took more than a few stops to just shake things out
Yesterdays high volume was powerful too and that took more out of the legs

Wore the Magnum combat boots and they were fine. Still breaking in the Salomons

50 lb Ruck
12 laps
12 iso squats
9th lap 7:26
11th lap 7:15 ( pretty happy with this although I'm amazed I could do 6:39 ever!)

2 hours pretty much exactly ( those rest stops)

BW 167.6!!
BF  12.9
W 56.2

We'll see what I wake up at. feel lean and muscular. pants waist fits fine


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