Sunday, November 27, 2016

Slow and soggy ruck

It's not all PR's and sunshine. My legs were heavy from the first steps this morning; off to a late'ish start to wait for the rain to stop. I don't mind walking in the warm rain but this was not that. Luckily it stopped and I got started. But the legs were heavy and tired from the get. Yesterday's fast pace seemed to have had an effect.Plus walking in wet sand put even more work into my legs. Another reason I didn't worry about speed. Lots of foot stability work though :)

I do plan a more long slow distance approach on the days after the 200 reps but there was no choice at all today. I didn't even time any laps until the last one where I felt warmed up  and looser enough to see how slow I'd been going

Not too bad but it means the other laps were around 8:10 which was fine.

And it was my glutes and hams that were tired, not my back, which is great.

One step at a time; one lap at a time. Just breathe and relax

52 lb ruck ( carried the raincoat too)
12 laps
10 isometric squat holds
12th lap 7:47

BW 164.4
BF 11.7
Water ( W) % 56.7

ok time to go up on the press tomorrow, 140 for triples

DFQ ( don't fucking quit )

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