Monday, November 14, 2016

135 lb Military press 5 x 3, 36 kg belt squats, floor pushups, crawling , rear delts

Did pretty well for a shade under 5 hours sleep last night. Slept on the plane home from Vancouver so that was a help but it was a long day today. Even had a breakfast sandwich to fuel up so I had something to give for the workout.
Not bad  either, Cut the load back 10% or so  and it was perfect. Didn't run out of gas at the end either.

Military Press
stick x 5
45 x 5
65 x 5
85 x 3
105 x 3
120 x 2
135 x 3 x 5 sets

form is getting better all the time. shoulder was in place all workout too. Good thing about yesterday's workshop was that it was all about bodymaintenance so I spent the day stretching rolling and hanging. and talking, yes. Lots of talking :)

36 kg belt squats
4 sets of 14
locking and flexing quads at top of every reps. this sucks but it's exactly what I need for the swing lockout.Haven't been doing this at all so it will take some time to condition it but I know it will make a huge difference,

Floor pushups

could have gotten the last five but didn't want to push at all. Perfect.
Surprised I got the first two sets of 30 so strongly

3 laps of 70 ft
focused on head up more and belly lower. this is getting stronger. Going slowly too, more deliberate

rear delts
BW 162.8
BF 11.7
W 57.2 !!!

way good considering I ate breakfast ( eggs and english mufin) and lots of carbs, Pizza, risotto  and enchilada and icecream lol. Not much of any of it but that's what I ate this weekend


gotta catch up sleep now

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