Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hard ruck

Hard to get going, that is. Pretty  tired and sore but had to just keep the day's momentum going and get out the door. And, of course, not ask myself that question; "do I feel like rucking?"
Cause the answer was no; but I'm going to miss Sunday's so I had to go as well.
Feeling yesterday's strength speed work as well as a lot more than usual demo's with new clients this week.
It all adds up. Luckily got a full hour of BodyMaintenance in this morning and that made a big difference. Bicep tendon is behaving again. But Saturday is a BIG workload and then off to the workshop and a non stop weekend of work.
Need some down time this afternoon and tomorrow but first this.

Hot today again too and that was unexpected. Extra nice sauce,

45 lb Ruck
6 laps
no timed laps but around 8:10 I guess,.Steady state
55 min

legs feel good but lats and shoulders tired

BW 162,6
BF 10.8 !!!
W 57.6

goes to show what haagen daz and oatmeal can do. Back to carbs and fats for second meal(s) and it's going very well. This is how I've eaten for the last 13 years and it works for me

Carb meal with wine and dessert

good to go


Happy Birthday Marine Corps!

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