Sunday, August 07, 2016

Steady ruck

Not as fast as I would have liked it but legs didn't feel that bad after yesterdays' bloodbath of swings.
Slept well and legs felt a little tired ( mainly hamstrings) but nothing serious.
Cool morning out at the park and that helped a lot.
Pack felt light and all systems felt go, I was just slow :)

50 lbs ruck
10 iso squats
12 laps
1 hr 55 min
4th lap 8:10
8th lap 7:52
12th lap 7:50

wow, that's the slowest in a long time but that figures after yesterday. BUT I could feel the legs regaining their strength at the same time. My lower body just loses strength and conditioning almost immediately if I back off. It's always been that way.

ok 115 lb presses tomorrow as we re calculate the plan for the five min 44kg swing test coming up
BW 163.2
BF 12,9 ?!
W 56 % ack

neverquit and drink more water today

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