Wednesday, August 24, 2016

24 kg Speed swings 15 min,sandbag lunges,parallel bar pushups, rear delts

Lats were super tired from Monday's pressing; or the combination of the beast swings and the heavy ass pressing. Either way I was  a bit sore going in but it wore off quickly.
Kept my head down more and let the bell swing a bit lower than I have been which made for a slightly longer and slower stroke but one that seemed more powerful as well

Swings were chest high and the focus was more on creating a bigger arc and following it more rather than trying to shorten and stroke and focus on the hip acceleration. This seemed more natural to my older groove too.Less quad it seemed too as I wasn't lowering and then hinging but more of a  pure hinge and let my regular lumbo pelvic rhythm load the hips

Speed swings 15:15
24 kg
15 min
300 reps
15,900 lb

Sandbag lunges 32 lbs
4 sets of 20 steps
slow eccentric these are strong but the slower and more strictly I go the tougher they seem

parallel bar pushups
3 sets of 25
1 set of 20
95 reps
these were strong

rear delts
3 sets of 15 with 15. slower and stricter.

ok ruck up tomorrow

BW 163.8
BF 12.1
W 56.6


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