Wednesday, August 03, 2016

24 kg Swing speed 14 min,32 lb walking lunges,parallel bar pushups, rear delts.

Wow, good thing I'm writing this blog just to archive my workouts as the readership was down to an all time low of "8" yesterday!! Down from an all time high of 365 views per day; bu that was before social media.
No worries this is for my accounting

Speed swings
24 kg
15;15 x 10
14 min
280 reps
14,840 lbs

probably the strongest ever. Was able to put max power into each rep better than ever. Had to double breath a bit at the top but this is the best my conditioning has been. Strength too

Sandbag walking lunges
4 laps of 20 steps

fast pace with Glenn, we're getting into serious shape. no rest between turns

Parallel pushups
3 sets of 20 backing off easy

Rear delts
3 sets of 15 with 15 lb slower more controlled reps

short ruck tomorrow then get ready for Sat 200 one arm swings with the beast!


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