Monday, March 28, 2016

125lb Military press 5x5 PR! Shield casts, 36 kg belt squats, floor pushups, crawls , rear delts

Now this was a surprise!  got back my old squat rack I had loaned to Nick many years ago when I realized I was too broke down to ever need it again. But it has much magic in it after 20 years helping me and my friends lift some heavy ass shit!

The rack is a first generation Louie Simmons designed and built power cage is just about perfect with spacers one inch apart. Now I just need to press out of it but it gives me strength and power and brings back many great memories.
I also got back my vintage York machined 45 lbs plates which I love. When I press m y goal of 135 for 5x5 it will be with a York Plate
Old man, old school silly shit but that's me
It was a little disorienting at first , pressing in a brand new direction but I figured it out. AND no mirror to distract me, either

Mil Press
stick x 5 x 2
bar x 5
65 x 5
85 x 3
105 x 3
125 x 5 x 5!! PR

it was hard though. Physically I felt fine. Slept well and my right hip is 99% normal. Even mentally focused well on the way in.
No excuses. But it was fucking heavy ,lol had to REALLY stay tight. It's all easy 'til it's heavy.

One arm shield casts
2 sets of 8/8 with 10 lb clubs
YES! these were fine. excited to get them back in the mix again

Belt squat
36 kg x 10,12,14, 16

off ten lb plates.

deepest yet. next stop, 25 lb plates

Floor pushups
2 sets of 25
1 set of 20

arms were tired, go figure
shoulders were great, though

3 sets of 60 ft

fastest yet. these are much better than ever

Rear delts
3 sets of 15 with 15's

solid. can really feel there's muscle now in my posterior deltoids :) about time

ok a day off then 20 min of speed swings on wednesday. no problems

BW 163.2
BF 12,1
W 56.7


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