Wednesday, September 09, 2015

24 kg speed swings 15 min, walking lunges,parallel bar pushups, kb rows

Hardly any sleep last night but a solidly good workout today. Just didn't think about it much and it all went well. Definitely getting into the best shape in forever with this speed swing work. 15 minutes today was easy and went by like a breeze. Power and acceleration were the best ever as well.
One thing this type of training does, like it's counterpart in snatch vo2 is make you very efficient at going fast. and fast is power and high forces. 

Just what I'm going for. But it's really cleaned up my swing groove too and let  me really find my power spot better than ever. Today again. I kept my head up on the descent. Didn't think about it much I just went where the stroke felt fastest and tightest.

Don't seem to be able to do that much with the over 40 kg bells but I'm sure I'll get there.It's more of a pure hip hinge and less back but at those weights I'm not quite ready for that groove.Need all the help for power I can get

Speed swings
24 kg x 10 rep/set
30 sets
300 reps
15,900 lbs
7.95 tons

Didn't even look up til five minutes in and it seemed like two:) Just stayed with my ritual and focused on the breath.No double breathing the entire time. Didn't need it

Walking lunges
4 sets of 40 steps

changed my stride a bit. taking a longer step then really letting the knee hinge forward more rather than sharing the load more with the hip. Feels great and really puts the torch on my quads

Parallel bar pushups

73 reps

easy. shoulder was fine

kb row
24 kg x 8/8 x 3


ok ruck up tomorrow. going to be in triple digits! heat conditioning! yea :)


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