Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thursday Ruck. Summer is here.

Freakin' HOT today. Flew in from work and went right to the ruck with not enough mental prep time and really wasn't ready for how hot it was. Let my mind get ahead of me a bit and it wasn't til the 3rd lap that I settled in and calmed down.

I used to be in much better heat shape that I am now that's for sure and it almost feels like something has shifted in me for that. I used to love the heat and I might have 'lost that lovin' feeling' ,lol
I will get it back because there is no other choice but it will take some mental work I see

43 lb ruck
6 laps
one hour

hot as hell :)

ok tomorrow is 36 kg swings, got a great full hour stretchout this morning ( lots of clients on vacation now) and need to do a little more foam roller before bed.


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