Sunday, June 07, 2015

Sunday Ruck: Finding the rhythm

Still feeling a bit on the downside of up. This is what happens after a peak; it takes awhile for the system to re boot and start the climb back up towards a new peak again. The nervous system, the adrenals and the mental energy take it's time getting traction and starting new momentum again.
And the older you are the more it takes out of you.

This is nothing serious, but my body is talking so I am listening. My training partner often asks, especially when we are on a good upswing, when are we going to back off. And I tell him, when the body says it's time.

We do back off regularly, in a gross sense, as we always cycle the weights and the volume, not trying for pr's ALL the time ( even though they are always small, if not tiny ones i.e a one set pr, an 8 rep total pr , etc)  but going by feel.

I didn't think the 10 min swing test would "test" my CNS so much but it's been eons since I redlined at all and it had it's effect.

We were due, anyway.

Great workout yesterday but the volume is still high so I made sure to up my calories a bit yesterday as well as the adaptogens and got some extra rest.

But I knew today's walk would be hard. Well it started that way but finished strong

Woke up stiff and tight so I got extra stretch out time this morning. The first time laps were predictably slow and the split squats I did yesterday made my legs even heavier than expected. A good sign about the exercise, made it much harder for the ruck
Fifth lap time 8:23
It seemed like I had to work for every step. There was no rhythm to speak of. It wasn't that much work but it didn't 'flow' much , if at all.

But then the legs started to loosen up ( also did iso squats every lap except the first) and that helped loosen legs up too. The rhythm started to appear and what a difference that makes. You can't do long distance anything without it. But sometimes it appears when it's damn good and ready and not a second before.:)
Patience is a virtue for sure in everything but especially in endurance training.

 Every lap after the fifth got better and faster and I did not have that 10th lap slump I tend to get
Last lap was 8:10 . doesn't seem much faster but it is

Have  a weird week next week as I have to do Saturdays' 36 kg workout on Friday as the BodyMaintenance course is on Saturday. So that will mean
wednesday 16 min swings
thursday  60 min ruck
friday 36 kg kb swings
saturday 8 hour workshop

this is what I train for; to be able to do this much work and feel nothing out of the ordinary the next day.

50 lb ruck
12 laps
2 hours
11 30 second isometric supported squats

combat boots worn and NO right toe issue at all. Magnum boots for the win

110 military press for some sets of 5 tomorrow


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