Monday, June 22, 2015

70% Military press 8 x3 85 lbs, barbell hacks, floor pushups, sled, kb row

The idea hit me yesterday that now that i have an actual max in the press ( well, a 95% max close enough for me) I could train my press according to percentages and that might be very fruitful.
It worked great for my squat and bench press so why not give it a try

It's based on Prilepin's table, a list of weight percentages and their corresponding set and rep ranges. It's been used for ever, it's very basic and it really give you a plan
SO today was 70 percent of 120 which is conveniently 84 lbs. Easy peasy.
8 sets of 3 with 85 lbs was the workout

the cycle will look like this:

70% 8 sets of 3
75 % 8 x 3
80 % 6 x 2
85 4 x 2
90% work from 70-90% for doubles

test week or restart just slightly higher than previous cycle

90% x 2 95 x 2 101-103%  x 1

Military press
stick x 10
bar x 5
65 x 5
85 x 3 x 8 sets

these went very very well. Had a full stretchout this morning and spend a lot of time hanging and swinging lightly on the pullup bar. way better than expected; it took me much less time to stretch out than before. a very good sign
Also I did my first undergrip chin hang! this is very important as the chin grip really stretches the teres major which is the major problem in my shoulder tightness even more than lat.
the teres is the psoas of the upper body

Barbell hacks
 75 lbs x 12 x 4 sets

tried some split squats with contralateral loading ( kb) but it didn't feel right so I went back to these. great quad work that's for sure

Floor pushups

after being disgusted with all my head bobbing during last week's pushups I fixed it


63 reps

these went well no problem

hip sled
3 x 250 with 105

hips were tired!

kb row
3 x 8/8 with 20 kg

solid work and press position and overhead felt better than ever. the hangs are really working, I can tell!

ok rest up for Wednesdays 20 min speed swings


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