Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Speed Swings 18 minutes, walking lunges, horiz pushups, kb row

This was strong. Interesting because I was not feeling great all day. Nothing wrong but just not as 'sparky' as I would hope with 18 min of speed swings on the menu
Of course in my world a bad day is usually a decent omen of a good workout ( and vice versa) and I was hoping it would turn out that way
It did.
18 min was easier this week than 16 was last week and that's good.
I really focused on  throwing the bell hard with my hips and locking out the knees and hips but  not flexing as hard- just standing straight- and enjoying the float
Kept my head up the whole time too and this definitely shortened the stroke a lot. That head bob from my pushup video freaked me out so I tried it here too and it was great. at least for today..Also, took my stance out just a bit and transferred the load more to the hips. Felt good today, at least.

Was really in the zone today, too.Just got lost in the ritual. Put the bell down,click the counter, take  breath, look for 7 seconds in, set up, count 9,10, 11 in my head and just bend down and grab and go. Didn't even look at the clock except at the end of the set to make sure i made my time
Had the fan on me too and that helped a lot. I can deal with heat but heat and dead air- no so much.
Hardly did any double breathing until the last 2 min or so. Much better today was perhaps the most efficient my swing groove has been

Swing Vo2
24 kg
18 min
360 reps
19,080 lbs work

Walking lunges
4 laps of 40 steps unbroken!
 these are getting better every week again too

Horiz pushups
 64 total reps

kept the head up and did them more strictly. Shoulders and tris are definitely tired

KB rows
28 kg x 6/6  x 4 sets

these felt strong too

Lots of hanging from chin bar today, three separate times. this is getting easier every day too and try to do it everyday is helping

ok ruck up tomorrow. gonna be a hot one again!


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