Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Ruck

 Solid ruck today. Upped the pack weight by 2.5 pounds to bring it to 42.7. That's still a long ways off the 55 I will need to carry for the GoRuck Ft Bragg challenge but I have nothing but time :)
Didn't feel heavy at all though and I think I will go up another 2.5 next week and even it out at 45lbs.
Definitely feeling stronger in my rucking these days.
BUT after two hours it's hard to imagine another 2 hours at the same pace,lol.
Little bits at a time, little bits.

I will stay at 2 hours of rucking until I get the pack weight up to 55 lbs, then start increasing the time.
Once I get to a 3 hours of walking then I would start to diversify the long ruck, the overload portion of the process. Just like one does in marathon or ultra training

I could see one workout of 3 hours at 65 lbs ( overload of weight) , one of 4 hours at 55 lbs( flat or terrain) and one at 5 hours ( overdistance/flat ) with a 40 lb load. this is of course a long ways off but having a dream goal like this is exactly what sets these creative training wheels in motion.
Just like the old days

two hours
42.5 lbs
13,803 steps
timed the 6th and the 12th lap both around 8 min. perfect
10 sets of iso hold squats 45 sec/set ( deeper than usual and strong.) mixed stances.

solid. tomorrow I back off the mil press to 75 lbs and 6 sets of 6 with pauses at bottom and top position


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