Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Ruck : Outside of time

I've been messing around with so many devices trying to discern exactly how far and fast I am rucking on Sundays that I really just wanted to 'go for a walk' instead of constantly taking measurements, and comparing and contrasting which device might actually be accurate.

So today that was just what I did. Got a solid 45 min stretch out in and then got the 40 lb ruck and went to walk. Just carried my phone that would track my steps. That and total distance for time was all I wanted.

I didn't even time my laps :)

I just wanted to get in the flow of it and I did and it was great. Nice cool slightly overcast morning, perfect for rucking.
Even did my laps walking in the opposite rotation of normal.That was actually weird at first, then better. I've been doing left hand loops forever. Today right hand :)

Without having to think about time I just got into my body and felt it. AND it felt faster, The pack actually felt light for a change. That's different. Especially after all I did to myself yesterday.
Slept a little rough( shoulder and neck) but I think I was a bit dehydrated too. But it all unwound quite nicely right after I got on the floor.

But the main thing was getting back to that mind space I used to feel when I ran, especially for long distances. Just getting "out" of the mind and letting the body go. Such a free feeling, that I could walk/run forever without getting tired.
 The reality is some parts of the lap are faster than others, or slower; some laps are faster or slower, depending ALL on how I feel.Trying to go too fast and not just key into what my body is at that moment is just asking for trouble.

1:55 min
12 laps
40,2 lb pack.

11 30-45 sec iso squats one each lap

then , just for fun

pullups with purple band
4 sets of 5,5,3,3

didn't feel bad at all. This has be done as well as the handstands and snatches. I will get my pullup back , too.

BW 161.4

This wasn't that long ago



Morgan L. said...

Good things happen when you are in the moment just doing, not analyzing.

Mark Reifkind said...

that's always the goal