Sunday, January 04, 2015

Sunday Ruck

 Surprisingly very solid ruck today. Tracy's out in Minnesota on her Winter Tour so I ended up getting out a bit later than expected. Thought the opposite was going to happen but I have a lot of writing to be doing and that got started early.
Still pretty stinkin' cold today., 34 degrees at the start at 7 am! dressed for it though and got warmed up pretty quickly

Soon the gloves and hat were off and I was sweating
Slow start pace today 8:30's for the first five laps
Then 8:15's for the next five finished with  some 8:00 but my legs were pretty heavy from the start. Such a weird feeling for me now, to have "heavy" legs and feel like I have quad mass on my left leg. It's been forever and a day since I felt that
But I do and they were ,lol.
Isometric squats for 11 sets and it felt good to get low and stretch them out each lap
GPS app says 5. 30 miles at 21.36 min/ mile. not sure if its counting the stops or not.
Iphone says 15,433 steps and 6.3 miles

very strong ruck whatever the pace

2 hrs 5 min total

barbell military press and hacks tomorrow



Lars said...

Geht yourself a garmin forerunner. ;-)

Morgan L. said...

If you want to solve this once and for all you can use my Garmin Oregon 450. It is accurate even in the deep backcountry on my mountain bike to about 3 feet.

Mark Reifkind said...

Guys thanks. Morgan how is one GPS better than another?

Lars said...

Morgan is probably right. The forerunner has its faults.
I like the interval timer in it and them pace count.

Mo La said...

A dedicated GPS uses more power and better sensors to obtaine position, speed etc. I will bring tomorrow.

Mark Reifkind said...


got it. the main thing I'm interested in is actual miles per min. I think the distance ( 1/4 mile per lap) is pretty accurate
I just need to know how fast I am actually walking since I stop each lap for squats- not sure if map my walk is counting that as "walking" time or not