Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday ruck in the fog

Again I let the desire to figure out exactly how fast and far I'm going get the best of the ruck. Got to borrow Morgan's dedicated GPS navigation device and didn't spend enough time getting to know how to use it correctly, so I tried to jerry rig it on the fly and wasted a lot of time in the process.

I had three devices working: my phone's accelerometer, the mapmywalk app and the garmin. Plus my stopwatch. LOL just a little OCD I think. I futzed around with them until the 8th lap and then realized I was getting tired, had a ways to go and had not gotten into a good rhythm so I put the toys away, put my head down and walked.

So much nicer. I think I have the details down now so I'll give it one more try but, in reality, the only thing that matters is the total time I walk. I walk as fast as I can or as slow as I have to, given how I feel that day.


40 lb ruck
2:10 hours total time
9 isometric squat holds
iphone 15, 495 steps.

the last two laps were tough simply because I didn't have my mind in it right from the beginning. My legs and back felt fine though. Getting back in shape.

Ok presses tomorrow and perhaps a handstand as well. we'll see


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