Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Snatch Vo2 35 sets, walking lunges, horiz pushups, leopard crawls

Tough but interesting day today. Slept well, felt good upon awakening then got to work with a serious headache, Weird. I thought neck strain from Monday's weird workout so I got to work on it but it felt like I was coming down with the flu at one point. A little more green tea more stretching but can only do a bit when I'm working.
Then my shoulder tightened up a bunch and I'm figuring today's snatch workout is a bust and make a mental note to take the pullups out for sure.
One comeback at a time and the handstands and snatches are plenty for now.Don't be greedy.

I always have a wait and see attitude about workouts because usually how I feel going in is NOT a good indicator of how the workout will end up and today was the same,

I also had planned to experiment with the snatches today. I've been studying my old videos and saw that at my best in terms of performance everything was very different then how I've been snatching for a long time.
My stance was closer, my knee movement almost non existant. my arm pretty straight, my head down and I'm leaning over from the start. LOL pretty much totally NON standard according to RKC or SFG but  not so much if you think GS, in particular Valery Federenko

Now I am not comparing myself to him in anyway shape or form EXCEPT that he has a very un orthodox style. Pretty much the same as I described above

and when he's snatching with no fixation ( as I have to do now) it looks even more dramatic

And I put my Oly shoes on, just because they are working so well in my press and I love to wear them.:)
And the shoulder warmed up much nicer than I expected! This felt like a very natural groove for me and it also felt just like the older days.

I had to stop before because it was bothering my back but back then everything bothered my back- I as SO asymmetrical
But this is how I snatched 80 sets of 8 in Maxvo2 style and did my snatch tests. I wasn't thinking about it back then as much, I had to get the numbers done.

It went great and my overhead was better than expected AND my shoulder feels much better now.

Snatch Vo2
35 sets of 7
2 sets of 7 and 1 x 7/7 or the video

very happy with this although I was sucking wind. Definitely at an 8 rep pace  but we were going off the clock, I go, you go so it was fast paced. it felt easy to go fast. Tomorrow will be the tell, how much back is in the AM
I think the heels worked very well as well as the closer than normal stance.It made it much easier to just lean over and still maintain balance. My knees look straight but in reality they are bent about 15 degree- all I need to get the glutes involved.
This is basically my barbell deadlift form

I have a hard time locking my knees out and holding them like that if I want to :)

Walking Lunges
4 laps of 40 steps

these actually felt good, like a good antagonist to the stiff leg snatches.

Horiz pushups
4 x 12, 12, 13, 11

solid. med grip shoulder started a bit achey but as soon as the movement started working it felt fin,

leopard crawls
3 laps of 60 ft

DONE, kicked my ass. the day caught up with me. went right to a nap without eating a thing! lol.

really needed it. Feel normal now as I write this, no flu-ish symptoms and the shoulder feels best it has in two days.

Truth is, I really decide which direction to go, which exercises to try by "thinking" of it and then seeing the physical reaction from my body. When I've made a bad choice the body hurts , sometimes, almost IN ADVANCE!
And, when I've made the right change ( like I feel like I did today) the body feels better, different, almost instantly.

Things keep moving on me which means I have to keep paying attention but I trust that more than anything else these days.
The body is talking to us, we just have to listen



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